One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Is This Legit?

When you are a new user of Clickfunnels, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. This is why the One Funnel Away Challenge can help you.

The clickfunnels software can be intimidating when using it for the first time.  And once you’re up and running, you still might be unclear about how exactly to use it to help your business.

The question you have to ask yourself, is do you want to sell your own product or service? Or even, you would like to build funnels for other clients? Or how about just promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate?

There are so many ways you can use ClickFunnels, and for some people, that’s scary and overwhelming.

Alot of people want direction and help, which is why you will frequently see people in the ClickFunnels’ Facebook groups asking around what the best training for ClickFunnels is.

Right now, currently, there is only one training offered that is the answer to all these questions.

and that answer is the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)


In this One Funnel Away Challenge review we’re going to cover:

  • What is the One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Why I Did The One Funnel Away Challenge (Twice)
  • What’s Else Do You Get With the One Funnel Away Challenge?
  • Everything else you need to know about the One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Final Thoughts

If you’re already ready to buy, skip to the end of this review and grab my $17,172.95 One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus Package.


Why do the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day training that guides you through the step by step process of launching your first (or next) funnel. The training is provided by three successful funnal and marketing coaches. Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.

Russell Brunson, is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, his video tutorials within the challenge are all about strategy and teaching you how to practically implement the “why” behind that days mission.

Julie Stoian, is a 7 figure entrepreneur herself and 2 comma club member (1 million dollars revenue made in one funnel), is the 2nd coach. Her videos show the “how” part of the training. So she goes through the practical steps on how to actually implement the funnel behind what Russel talks about in the previous lesson for that days mission.

And finally the 3rd coach is Stephen Larsen. Stephen, conducts live group calls each day throughout the 30 days. He is there for accountability, which means he will help you stay focused on the task at hand.  If you are familiar with Stephen at all from his podcast,  he’s always full of energy and makes things fun and enjoyable.

The 30 day challenge includes 5 weeks worth of lessons.

The first week is pre-training, which helps you get into the proper mindset for the rest of the challenge.

Then over the next 4 weeks you will get daily lessons with links in your inbox. Every training builds upon each other so it’s very important that you go through them in order. And, there’s even homework to do to make sure you are applying what you learn.


One Funnel Away Challenge Overview

The One Funnel Away Challenge is hosted inside the One Funnel Away Facebook Community. This is really great as it allows you to directly interact with fellow OFA participants. This is an additional source of accountability for you to complete each days missions and bounce ideas off others about the funnel you are building.


Why I Did The One Funnel Away Challenge

One February 2019, I spent $100 to get my hands on the One Funnel Away Challenge and it’s bonus package. The book included 30 scenarios from 30 “Two Comma Club” winners. Each scenario of what they would do if they lost everything and how they would rebuild their business from scratch.

In addition to getting this book, I also got access to something called the One Funnel Away Challenge. With this, I received daily emails that included “daily missions” on what I had to do. This was really helpful in working through each component of my funnel step by step.

They really focus on helping you build a good offer for your niche. Hook Story Offer is the biggest focus, to help people through the process of buying your products / service.

It was a really big eye opener, it literally hooked me.

I thought to myself, if i can build a great story and put meaning behind my product, it will help others, but also increase revenue for my business.

I really was able to complete all the tasks, with the help of Russell, Julie and Stephen.

However, at the end of the challenge, I didn’t know that all the content would be taken offline at the end of the challenge.

Oops. What do I do now?

Now they archive the facebook group, which means that content is there for you again in the next time you want to refer back to it. Just in case you missed something.

This allowed me to work through the One Funnel Away Challenge on my own time. And it was totally worth it.

The One Funnel Away Challenge really gave me a massive boost for my business and when they were going to hold another in April of 2019, I paid the $100 to join back up again.

Of course this time, it was mainly to get the cool OFA Challenge Kit which you’ll see below.


One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

Everything Else You Need To Know About the One Funnel Away Challenge

How much does the One Funnel Away Challenge cost?

It will cost you $100 to get the One Funnel Away Challenge. However, you will have to pay shipping which is $19.95 if you live in the US and $29.95 outside the US. They also give you the option of Digital Only, which is just the $100, as you aren’t getting the kit posted too you.

I fully recommend you get the kit, as it’s a physical product you can reference too tangibly.

Is there a money back guaranatee?

Yes. If you send your OFA kit back in the mail, fully entact, they will give you a refund of $100. However as it does cost a lot to ship, it’s not worth it and you’ll have a tangible product you can refer back to later.

Do I need to have an existing product to sell to join the challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is more suited for people wanting to sell their own products and services and increase their presence online, you don’t necessarily need to have one of your own. You can use a product that is already available through an affiliate program. The OFA does cover this as well.

So you could use the training to help you sell ClickFunnels or any other affiliate product if you want.

Does it have an affiliate program?

Yes, Clickfunnels allows you to resell the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s a super easy way to cover your own cost of the OFA. The OFA affiliate program pays 100% commissions. So you only need to sell one course to someone else to make your money back.

Since the One Funnel Away Challenge is pretty much the best ClickFunnels training at the moment, it’s a very easy sell. I did not start promoting the OFA Challenge until after I completed it the first time. At the time of writing this review, I’ve sold close to 15 OFA courses to others.

As a bonus, you get the recurring revenue from that same person thanks to the sticky cookie software that tracks and rewards you for sales.


Final Thoughts

I have been through a lot of different online marketing courses, but the One Funnel Away Challenge was the best training I have completed to date. The amount of “light bulb” or ‘aha’ moments I have undertaken since going through the training and after, has been amazing. I’ve been able to apply this to my online business immediately.

This is what has made the challenge so awesome and rewarding for me.

I fully recommend you block out time during your day to complete the daily tasks. They also even help you do this during pre-training which is great.

This course is totally worth it.

Go ahead and reserve your spot now.


One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

Did my One Funnel Away Challenge review get you interested in taking the next challenge?

Before signing up, check out my bonus package below to see what extra goodies you will get.

Here is what you will get:

  • Bonus #1: Tier5 Mega Software Bundle + Bonus Rights – Get personal access to 6 softwares plus the rights to use them as part of your own bonus offer.  ($15,984 value)
  • Bonus #2: CF Share Funnel Library + White Label Rights – 56 share funnels you can directly import into your CF account. ($497 value)
  • Bonus #3: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights – List of over 130+ affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions ($297 value)
  • Bonus #4: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now. ($197 value)
  • Bonus #5: Group Convert: account to automatically collect FB Group member leads. ($197 value)

Each of these bonuses will help you get the most out of the One Funnel Away Challenge training.  And help you make more sales as an affiliate!

Take a look at my One Funnel Away Challenge bonus page for more details on the above bonuses and how to get them.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program And How To Promote ClickFunnels

Throughout the last few years, I have seen many great affiliate programs. Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels is one of the better programs out there for new and experienced affiliate marketers. When looking to promote a new affiliate program, there are 6 qualities I look for, and ClickFunnels ticked all the boxes. Those are:

  1. High commission and recurring
  2. Good affiliate cookie lifespan
  3. Good business practice
  4. Reputable branding
  5. Professional marketing materials
  6. Training for affiliates

Clickfunnels provides alot of opportunities to generate passive income online. To make the most of them, one has to learn and be a product of the product, learn the ins and outs of ClickFunnels and the value it has to offer.  And apart from that, you have to complement your chosen strategy with good old-fashioned marketing knowledge and taking action.

It may seem complicated now, but by the end of this article, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge in using ClickFunnels and it’s income generating share funnels feature. If done right, both can massively increase your affiliate commissions.

Why Clickfunnels?

Simple, I have really enjoyed what it has done for my online business.

As someone who has been using ClickFunnels for over a year now, the results really do speak for themselves. Aside from building up my sales funnels, it has also increased the return on my investment and increased conversions. Is the system perfect? No, but for my needs it might as well be. It provides excellent functionality and training to improve your business. Basically, it does what it says it will do, no BS. If you don’t know what the software does then click here to view my in-depth review of ClickFunnels.

I also like Russell and find his marketing strategies are very effective. And though he can be pushy at times, sales wise, his free books DotComSecrets and ExpertsSecrets are amazing and full of value for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. The books are filled with practical and easy to follow advice that you can instantly implement to any business. I’ve personally implemented many of the strategies and concepts into my own online business and the results have been fantastic and profitable. .

Clickfunnels Commissions

Promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate opens you to earning some decent commissions. For example, for every sale of ClickFunnels, you are entitled to 40% recurring commissions. Their lowest plan, the Starter Plan, is $97 a month. So, that means you will earn $38.80 every month for each customer you refer. Imagine having 100 customers under you. That’s  $3880 of passive income a month in your pocket! Enough to replace a day job for most people.

Not only that, you will also earn 40% for sales of any related click funnels products. These products include the above-mentioned books and programs such as Funnel Scripts and One Funnel Away Challenge. These products include ready made funnels and train you on how to personally build a funnel that is profitable for any business. Yes, Russell will do all the selling for you once you’ve referred the customer to ClickFunnels.

And to sweeten the deal even further, as a bonus prize, the program allows you to lease or purchase your own dream car. Yes, that’s no typo, ClickFunnels affiliate program enables you to drive home your car of choice. You can check out the list of their dream car winners here. You will see familiar names such as Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez.

Here’s how it works to get your dream car. When you sign up 100 paying ClickFunnels users, besides the monthly recurring commission of $3880, you will also receive an additional $500/month payment goes towards the lease of the dream car of your choice. Get your signups to 200… then it’s $1000/month.

The Sticky Cookie

ClickFunnels affiliate program has a great tool they use to track referrals, called a sticky cookie. When your link is clicked by a customer, they get your sticky cookie and entitles you to commissions from all the products they purchase, in any funnel they go to.  This allows them to track the referral you made, so if they make a purchase at a later date, that commission will go to you. Clever, if you ask me. The click funnels team create a video explainer to help you understand how it works.



There are clear policy guidelines in place for Clickfunnels affiliates.  I recommend you look at their Frequently Asked Questions page which can assist you in answering any questions you may have about their affiliate program.

Clickfunnels also have a active social media presence, where you can join their Facebook group with well over 200,000 members (and the group is growing rapidly!). The group is very active and helpful.

They also have a separate Facebook group for ClickFunnels affiliates with over 60,000 members.Where people share their strategies and are very helpful to help new affiliates start earning commissions.

Marketing Materials and Strategies

You can find all the marketing materials and strategies needed within your affiliate dashboard. You can create your affiliate account here free.

Affiliate Training

Clickfunnels has an excellent training platform they are currently giving away for FREE! This helps new affiliate to promote clickfunnels and generate their first commissions. You can access the Free Affiliate Training Bootcamp Here.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

This training gives access to training held by their TOP affiliates on how they have successfully generated commissions with Clickfunnels affiliate program and how they turned their hobby into a full-time career and got their Dream Car PAID FOR. The content is no B.S., pure value allowing people to successfully promote the program.

Russell wanted to be sure it was actual, real-life tested plans that WORK, even if you:
  • Have no list
  • Have no connections
  • Have no tech experience
  • Have no social following

>> Click here to access the Affiliate Bootcamp for FREE now! <<

The Best Effective Way to Promote Clickfunnels – Share Funnels

The most effective method to promote Clickfunnel trials is through promoting share funnels. This is a built-in feature of ClickFunnels and is definitely one of the best secret weapons to promote the software.

For every funnel created in your account, you can generate a unique shareable URL that you can share with prospects (called share funnels). Clicking a share funnel link will take new users to your affiliate referral sign up page.  The downside to it, is that you have to already be a Clickfunnels member, and be decent at building a funnel.

To simplify, here’s how you can generate your share funnels link. (1) When logging into your click funnels account, make any updates you need to the funnel you want to share. (2) Then click on the Settings tab. (3) Scroll down and you’ll see the ‘Share This Funnel URL’ box. Inside is the unique link you’re after which when referring people will be connected to your affiliate profile. All you have to do now is copy and start sharing. 


Effective Methods to Use Share Funnels

There are three key ways for users to promote the share funnel. These are:

  1. Using the Share Funnel as an incentive
  2. Funnel Building (a new profession created by Clickfunnels)
  3. Funnels for Local Businesses

1. Using Share Funnel as an incentive

The goal here, is for people to not be Clickfunnels members already, so they will have to sign up with your link, then import the funnel into their dashboard.

The new subscriber instantly has a funnel, which can potentially allow them to start collecting trials immediately. Also at the same time, it lands the Clickfunnels user who provided the funnel, new trials. From there, you would send some helpful followup emails, with advice on how to land the traffic, and how to turn them into paying members.

Most likely, you will also be receiving emails from the funnel builder. Because just like you are trying to convert trials with your funnel, they are trying to convert you.

2. Funnel Building

ClickFunnels has created a new profession, that of a ‘funnel consultant’. It may sound funny, but the income potential is nothing to scoff at. Good funnel builders charge in excess of $25,000 plus. Russell Brunson charges $100,000+ then collects 10-25% of all revenue!

As the online marketing space keeps growing, the demand for a bigger online presence has spiked and entrepreneurs go online to promote their businesses. The demand for sales funnels has grown significantly and is continuing it’s upward trend as of today!  This is an opportunity for you to build funnels for others. If you are able to learn how to build funnels, and create a name or a reputation in this space, you can get more work, and can even outsource the building to others.

Go to Upwork and similar sites to find opportunities. Don’t forget to incorporate your share funnels URL in each funnel you create for your bonus commissions.

A clear sign that this space is growing is the launch of Funnel Rolodex, ClickFunnel’s very own funnel building service marketplace. Exclusively for the ClickFunnels community, the service is an excellent way for members to earn while practicing their building skills.

3. Funnels for Local Businesses

One of the most lucrative ways to use ClickFunnels is promoting your share funnels to brick-and-mortar businesses in your area. You may opt to sell or give these funnels away for free, it all depends on your marketing strategy. Regardless, if they wish to use your share funnel, they would have to sign up to the clickfunnels software using your unique share funnel URL. 

A great way to promote your funnels to local businesses is through arranging meetings and site visits. Local businesses prefer face to face engagement. Also, local business-owners have little time and know-how to promote their businesses online. They would rather have an expert (so, you) do it for them. If done correctly and the sales funnels give them the target results, you’ll have them as ClickFunnels paying members under you for the long haul.

Some great local business niches to look at are real estate agents, doctors, fitness instructors etc. You have to show these business owners how sales funnels can help their bottom line. I highly recommend reading Expert Secrets on how to prepare a solid and effective sales pitch.



There are so many different ways you can promote Clickfunnels affiliate program, but ultimately, share funnels are the most effective way to generate commissions.  You can combine, tweak, and use completely new methods; your imagination really is the limit.

The share funnel method use to be a little known strategy, however with the new funnel building profession and local business funnels, it’s become a good solid strategy to use and is popular with a lot of success. The incentive with the generous commissions in place, as well as the chance of getting your dream car, the system is really worth a try. Especially if you’re after that prestigious 2 Comma Club (1 million dollars using 1 funnel).

I am hopeful that this article has provided you a good understanding of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program and how it works. If this sounds like something you might be interested in promoting then go ahead sign up here for your affiliate account.

Make sure to get the FREE Affiliate Bootcamp Training here as well

Become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate
100 day training to being a super affiliate!

Click Funnels Scam – Is it legit or is it a scam?

Click Funnels Scam – Is It A Rip Off?

Is this a legitimate product? Or is this a money sucking Click Funnels Scam?

Name: ClickFunnels


Pricing: 14 day trial (sign up here)

$97/month after trial

Etison Suite $297/Month

Year Launched: 2014

Who is it best for: Anyone that owns a business and needs more leads and customers

Referral Program: Yes

My Rating: 9.2/10


Introduction to ClickFunnels

If you are familiar with Internet Marketing, you will see everywhere you turn – you hear about sales funnels. There are alot of sales funnels software out there in the industry and ClickFunnels is one of, if not one of the most popular sales funnel tools available right now. This is why one of the most searched queries in Google is ” Click Funnels Scam”. So is it really just another scam?

ClickFunnels was founded by Russell Brunson, who is a well known sales expert and philanthropist in the marketing world. He is known and well considered one of the authors of the best educational books available Expert Secrets. Which you can get free Here – you just have to pay for shipping. 

In comparison to other brands available for sales funnels, Clickfunnels is designed to simplify the sales funnel process for the user.

How Do Funnels Work?

Funnels are designed to lure a potential customer in. Just because Clickfunnels aims to do this for it’s users, this does not make it a scam. 

A funnel starts with providing a lead or website visitor with a small commitment, such as a free E-book or free product sample. The website visitor then enters their email address, this process is called “opting in” in exchange for the free offer. Once this is done, this is now called a lead, which is now added to the users email list. From here, the user will provide more content and offers to their leads, hoping to achieve an upsell to them. This has been a proven process time and time again to be highly effective. This generally leads to a large amount of leads, which in turn, will convert to a small percentage of customers.


Who Can Benefit from ClickFunnels?

If you have an online business or starting a online business that you would like to grow – you can benefit from this tool. Clickfunnels does basically have everything you would need rolled into one platform. The tools available within Clickfunnels include, email auto responders, opt-in pages, sales pages, order forms etc. Prior to Clickfunnels, all of this had to be purchased separately, that lacked convenience of having everything you needed all included together. 

This comes with standard copy and paste templates. You can use these by default, it also has a very easy drop and drag editor function to add your own customization to it. For someone that is brand new to sales funnels, this is a big help. 


I love the fact that Clickfunnels allows you to try out the product for 2 weeks. It’s a good sign that this product is legitimate and it allows the user to test out the platform for your business, without the commitment. After the initial 14 day trial period it will run you $97/month.

While this can seem a bit pricey, compared to other products such as LeadPages. However there is more functionality in ClickFunnels. Even still, this is a much more affordable price than having to purchase all the tools separately of what it has too offer. 

ClickFunnels also has a product called the Etison Suite. This will run you $297 / month, but it does practically have everything you need for a business. Below illustrates the difference between the start plan and the Etison Suite. Starting off I do recommend the $97 / month offer. 

Click Funnels Pricing Table

A Look Into Building Your First Funnel

The below video provides some details on to create your first funnel. You will notice that everything is laid out for you which includes landing page templates, to upsell and downsell offers you can choose. 

Pros of ClickFunnels

  • Free 14 Day Trial
  • Great sales training that is free
  • Professional landing pages
  • Easy to Build with Drag and Drop Editor
  • Conversion tracking and split testing
  • Works and integrates with all major email services
  • Lucrative Affiliate Program


Cons of ClickFunnel

  • A little more expensive that competitors
  • Fully automated but requires a lot of learning time
  • You have to keep your subscription active to continue using your funnels you’ve created. 


Free Webinar Signup

Anybody who knows me, knows I only recommend legitimate proven product. If you are a business owner, that is serious about being success, I would definitely take a look at this. This is literally an all in one product. Your sales funnels, auto responder, landing pages, website, hosting and more. This will work for any business rather it be MLM, small business, Affiliate Marketing etc.

If you don’t do anything else, take a few minutes to sign up and watch this webinar. 

You have nothing to lose and essentially doubling your business to gain

<<Sign Up For ClickFunnels Free Webinar>>


Final Thoughts

Although a little more pricey than the competition, Clickfunnels automates a lot of the process for you. It does take some dediction on your behalf to learn it all – however, it will become easier and easier to put together funnels the more you do it. 

ClickFunnels is 100% legit, and i would highly recommend it. Even at $97 / month, look at how much it is helping your business and automating it. Are you really losing money? It is an investment that I fully believe that any business would need to consider to get online success. There also have a excellent affiliate program, you can click here to read more.

So, don’t worry, There is no Click Funnels scam going on!

If you would like to test drive the Free 14 Day Trial, simply click below

Start My Free 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial

I would love to hear your feedback, Please leave any questions or comments below.