Clickfunnels Pricing Guide: Your Best Deal For Clickfunnels 2020

Clickfunnels Pricing: Whats The Best Clickfunnels Deal for You?

Welcome to My Clickfunnels Pricing Guide for 2020.

If you are on this page, you’ve probably read my Clickfunnels Review and Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Review. Which means you are close to pulling out your credit card to start your Free 14 day trial.

Before you pull the trigger and getting your free trial, I’m going to quickly show you how much ClickFunnels is and show you it’s pricing structure. This will help you choose the best Clickfunnels deal that’s right for you and your budget.

Also, there are other Clickfunnels products that are included into its pricing, to get the best bang for your buck. So I want to show you the pricing for these related products as well.

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How much does Clickfunnels Cost?

So how much does Clickfunnels cost per month?

When you sign up to the Clickfunnels sign up page and sign up with your new email and password, you will see the former Clickfunnels pricing chart.

clickfunnels pricing


Now with the most recent updates from Clickfunnels, this is the new pricing chart.

Clickfunnels Platinum pricing

This table will show you that ClickFunnels™ has two subscription options ranging from $97 to $297 per month depending on the features of each plan.

With the standard ClickFunnels plan, you are limited to 20 funnels100 pages20,000 visitors and 3 custom domains. This makes the Clickfunnels standard plan best suited for businesses:  who require just a limited amount of sales funnels and moderate sales per month.

The Clickfunnels Platinum, on the other hand has no limits whatsoever. That means you can create as many sales funnels as you want and send unlimited traffic to them.

This allows people to do high volume sales with their sales funnels. Or if you are a top affiliate marketer, you can take advantage of the ClickFunnels share funnel feature. This will allow you to add lots of funnels into your account.

That’s not the only benefit of upgrading to the Clickfunnels Platinum plan, you will get access to Follow-up Funnels (formerly known as Actionetics). Which is ClickFunnels built in email autoresponder system.

Using Follow-up Funnels you can create Action Funnels, which integrate directly with your sales funnels to send smart emails to your customers.

Backpack allows you to host your very own affiliate program for your product.

If ClickFunnels is out of your price range, there is an Alternative in Dropfunnels. You can click here to read my DropFunnel Review. A new website/sales funnel tool that has just been released. You can start for a Free 2 week trial, and then pricing starts at around $49/mo on their standard plan.

Clickfunnels Share Funnel Plan Pricing

Please Note That the Shared Funnel $19 plan no longer exists. The starter clickfunnels plan is now just $97 per month.

The “Shared Funnel Plan” is a limited plan that ClickFunnels provides to new users. This is more suited to people that just want to work with a small set of sales funnels, that have been “shared” with them.

This plan is only available if you are signing-up to ClickFunnels using a link to a shared funnel, like this one.

The cheaper clickfunnels plan does come with some pretty hefty limitations. First, you can only add 3 share funnels and 10 pages to your account.

And second, you will not be able to use the share funnels feature to share your funnels with others.

How to Get a Share Funnel

In order to get access to the “Shared Funnel” Plan, or the “ClickFunnels $19 Plan”, you will need to create a new ClickFunnels account. You can only access this plan using a specific link to a “Shared Funnel”.

  1. Click this link in the “Shared Funnel” section on this site. This will allow you to start on a 14-day free trial using the Shared Funnel plan.
  2. On the following page, you will find a quick introduction video and a preview of the shared funnel underneath the video. Don’t worry, you can always delete your funnels and add new ones later.
  3. Enter your billing information – you won’t be charged for 14-days and can easily cancel at any time from within the ClickFunnels dashboard if you are not happy.
  4. Check the “Limited Shared Funnel Only” Checkbox at the bottom of the form
  5. Once your sign-up to the shared funnel plan is complete, go to the top menu bar on “Funnels” → “Funnels”
  6. Your new “Shared Funnel” will be listed on the dashboard and ready for you to edit and use.


How You Can Save Money With Clickfunnels

Currently, I have not been able to find any extra discounts for the standard ClickFunnels pricing plan ($97). However, I have been able to find a way to get a discount on the $297 per month Clickfunnels Platinum (formerly Etison Suite Plan). There are a few ways to save quite a bit of money with this, if you are able to invest a little more up front.

The best deal on ClickFunnels is currently the 12 month version of Funnel Builder Secrets. It has an upfront cost of $2,997, but you get 12 months of the Etison Suite plan for free.

This actually allows you to save close to $50 per month. So it works out to $249.75 a month for the Etison plan. So it is definitely the best deal with Clickfunnels.

Not only do you save some money, you’ll also get some additional training as part of Funnel Builder Secrets including:

  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • Funnel Hacks Master Class
  • 12 Months Free Access to Funnel Scripts

You can also purchase Funnel Builder Secrets for a little cheaper at $1997 for 6 months.  But that works out to be more pricey at about $330 a month compared to $247 a month with the 12 month version.  So the 12 month version is the only one that will actually give you a ClickFunnels discount.

What’s great about Funnel Builder Secrets is that you can renew at the end of your desired 6 month or 12 month period. ClickFunnels support and they will handle this for you.

So when it comes to investing into Clickfunnels, this means you should never have to pay the full $297 a month price for the Clickfunnels Platinum plan.

Other ClickFunnels Product Prices

The Clickfunnels software is just one of the many products within Clickfunnels product range. There is a whole range of other related products to enhance your clickfunnels experience that are readily available for purchase.

With the range of Clickfunnels products available, this makes the Clickfunnels affiliate program very robust and easy to promote. When you send people to any one of these ClickFunnels sales funnels, you are able to earn lucrative commissions. So when people buy any clickfunnel product they can also purchase any of the related upsells and downsells.

DotCom Secrets Pricing

DotCom Secrets contains loads of actionable advice to become a successful online marketer. Published by Russell Brunson, Russell uses a very engaging and charming style which makes this book easy to read. He fills the pages with many stories and examples of his own online company.

Dotcom Secrets Pricing

The book has 5 different sections, broken down into 13 different secrets on how to create a successful online business. But it also shows you how you can use funnels to increase your ROI on advertising and improve conversions on your website. Here’s a brief overview of each of the 5 sections.

So Dotcom secrets book itself is Free, but you do need to pay for Shipping and Handling. The cost of the shipping and handling is $7.95 in the United states and $12.95 if you are outside of the United States. You can grab your free copy here

Expert Secrets Pricing

Expert Secrets is about building your own tride and selling your own advice as a product of service. There’s some great advice inside Expert Secrets, which also allows you to learn how to build a great story for your audience and leading them to a sound purchase.

Expert Secrets Pricing

Expert secrets itself, like Dotcom Secrets, is free, but you do need to pay for Shipping and Handling. You can grab your free copy of Expert Secrets here. The cost of the shipping and handling is $7.95 in the United states and $12.95 if you are outside of the United States.


One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

The One Funnel Away Challenge guides you through the step by step process of launching your first (or next) funnel. The training is provided by three successful funnel and marketing coaches. Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen.

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

You can purchase the One Funnel Away for $100. However, you will have to pay shipping which is $19.95 if you live in the US and $29.95 outside the US.  They also give you the option of Digital Only, which is just the $100, as you aren’t getting the kit posted too you.

The best thing about this is that Clickfunnels allows you to resell the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s a super easy way to cover your own cost of your purchase. The One Funnel Away affiliate program pays 100% commissions. So you only need to sell one course to someone else to make your money back.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts is a software where Russell Brunson gives you access to his best draft scripts to create a compelling copy. A copy that engages the audience and converts them to take specific actions.

funnel scripts pricing

These sales copies are created and designed to accommodate your target market. So targeting their needs, challenges, problems and how you think your product or service can solve all of those.

If you struggle writing good copy on your sales pages or website, I would fully recommend you take a look at Funnel Scripts.


Clickfunnels Pricing Thoughts

Considering that we have now provided you how much Clickfunnels costs, you can pick the right ClickFunnels plan for your business.

So before you buy, take a look at the ClickFunnels bonuses I am offering because I want to help you with your CF Journey.

You’ll get access to all these bonuses, if you purchase ClickFunnels, the One Funnel Away Challenge, Funnel Scripts, or Funnel Builder Secrets through my Click funnel affiliate links.

Clickfunnels Mega Bonus Bundle

  • Mega Bonus #1: Urgency Suites Pro + White Label Rights: Software that creates more urgency for customers to buy your product ($497 value)
  • Super Bonus #2: Vid Chomper Pro: is a cutting edge software that exploits an incredibly powerful loophole in the YouTube algorithm ($997 value) 
  • Bonus #3: Fuego Multiplier Google Adwords Course: Multiply your profits and save up to 90% off Google Adwords advertising! ($297)
  • Bonus #4: Bing Ads Mastery Training: Get traction on the advertising that Bing Ads has to offer! ($297)
  • Bonus #5: Commission Blueprint: exact strategies used by Super Affiliates to generate over half a million in affiliate sales! ($197 value)
  • Bonus #6: DropFunnel Share Funnel Library + White Label Rights – 56 share funnels you can directly import into your CF account. ($497 value)
  • Bonus #7: Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights – List of over 130+ affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring commissions ($297 value)
  • Bonus #8: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights – Get the exact Facebook ads that 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs are running right now. ($197 value)

Each of these bonuses will help you get the most out of the Click funnels products and their training.  And help you make more sales as an affiliate!


Disclaimer: I am an independent user of ClickFunnels, not an employee. The opinions and results expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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