Our Services

Meenapreneur aka James Fawcett provides Services regarding affiliate marketing and assisting ordinary people achieve their goals of entrepreneurship.

We only promote products that provide immense vale to the customer. Products promoted are tools and programs that will assist people with their foundational business requirements and build their skillsets to long term oriented results.

Services provided are:

  • Mastermind and Coaching programs (not open to public, only by special request)
  • Promoting Online Business Tools, Such as Sales Funnels, Websites, Email Marketing Systems, Online Business Training Programs.
  • Assisting People in Launching their First Product.
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Training in Building Websites and Sales Funnels to Optimize Revenue

We are driven to provide the best service possible to our clients and affiliates. If you would like more information about our coaching program, please contact James at jna@Jnadigitalmarketing.com**


**Seriously Enquiries Only…. no spam or illegal or unwanted solicitation of services. If i need a service, i’ll simple find it by contracting professionals I already know.