VidIQ Review – Does It Really Work?

VidIQ Review – Does this Plugin Deliver?

My No.1 Recommendation to help propel my Youtube Channel and Business Branding to my subscribers

Welcome to our VidIQ Review.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of hype and buzz about this new Youtube software, so I decided to look into it further for this VidIQ review…

As you would have already seen, there are whole bunch of other software that promises to boost and monetize your Youtube Channel, but fall short on what they promise.

So, I took it a step farther and bought into VidIQ, so I can write a detailed review on this product.

I’m actually going to breakdown this VidIQ extension plugin, it’s products  so you can make an informed decision before signing up.

First off, let’s take a look at the software itself in this VidIQ review.

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What is VidIQ?

The VidIQ application, is a plugin and extension tool that was created by expert strategists with a lot of years of experience in the online video platform. The aim of this tool is to help you upload data and metrics that can help your brand know how to serve their video marketing campaign on Youtube.

The aim of this plugin is to assist in optimizing your Youtube SEO video strategy,  allowing you to get more views and subscribers.

The main difference I’ve found inside, in comparison to youtube cloud software and plugins, is the practical training inside. It really gets you thinking on how to increase your Youtube presence.

Also, the most appealing aspect, is that the training’s are mostly geared toward beginner and intermediate users, so it is very user friendly.

So it’s focuses on the core fundamentals you need to succeed with boosting your Youtube channel.

We can agree there is a lot of fluff on the internet, but the content and the use of this plugin and extension, is straight to the point..

The best part? It is free for the most part. This means that you can use it along with its chrome extension for free. You’ll get to witness its power in analyzing your Youtube channel without paying for anything. This is something video creators should definitely get their hands on. Continue reading our VidIQ review to know more about how it cn help you and what features it offers.

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How Can VidIQ Help You?

If you are reading this, you’ll be wondering how VidIQ can help you?

Whether you are a new Youtuber or even experienced, you’ll find that this app is rather intuitive when it comes to its video analysis features.

Here are some specific ways on how the software can help you.

Easy-to-Manage Analytics

The first thing that will catch your eye when you sign up for VidIQ is its analytics. Even though Youtube has provided you with the same type of analytics, it is still not as organized as that of VidIQ.

Get to Know Your Subscribers

A really good analytics tool is not be complete without subscriber analysis. As you know, video channel owners are not just there to look at analytics. All owners want to know who is watching, liking and commenting on their videos. They want to know the person behind the ‘viewer’.

There are some great programs that allow you to connect with your subscribers. Adapting your message to your audience is crucial to lead conversion and sales. Personally, the best advice I receive came from a Legendary Marketer’s Insider Guide to Marketing Ebook. This book truly assist in developing your core messaging and increasing back end conversions on higher ticket products.

In addition to this, when you have that audience, lead generation conversion is key. This  Lead swipe file has helped me generate close to 500 leads in just 10 days.

Track Your Links

The software will track the impressions and clickthrough rate through your links. This is good if you want to see the conversion rates or clickthrough rates of your videos.

The tool also allow you to automatically add tags. It will give you some of the most popular tags in your niche so that you can add them automatically.


Get Your Videos Ranked

VidIQ has a SEO tab that looks at your videos on a channel-wide scale. It will look at the tags that you are currently using and look at the keywords that you are currently optimizing it for. Check out this 10 day Free SEO course to help get your content ranked

The Keyword Research tool is the most popular part of VidIQ. This is where you can look for low competition keywords that will allow you to dominate the front page of the search engines in no time.

Truly, VidIQ offers an all-in-one tool for YouTubers. 

How to Use VidIQ to Boost Your Youtube Traffic

VidIQ is a nice tool that gathers data from Youtube about the latest videos, keywords and tags used by the most popular Youtube channel owners.

You may use it by gathering data and then using that data to adjust your marketing strategy. Here is how I like to use the tool. You can use it in any way you want. This is just a suggestion.

Step 1: Research Keywords with it’s Keyword Tool

This tool will show you all the related searches for a particular video. In its VidIQ Chrome extension tool for instance. It will show you the related searches when you visit a particular video.

Step 2: Research and Copy Competitor Tags

One of the things that people love about VidIQ is its automatic tagging system. It allows you to instantly generate a stream of tags for a video without any trouble. But for me, I love copying existing competitor tags instead.


Step 3: Launch Campaigns in your Video Descriptions

Once you have done your keyword research, it is time to launch your campaign. In the campaigns tab, you’ll be able to use a description for your videos and this can then include a link. When you list this as a campaign, you will be able to track the impressions and click through rate of your descriptions. Neat huh?

Step 4: Tracking Your Analytics and Adjusting Your Strategy

VidIQ is very well known for its analytics and ability to use that data to optimize. It will give you a background on your subscribers. First, it will allow you look at the subscriber behavior by looking at what videos they are watching or following. It will also track when your subscribers are active and online. Then, it breaks down your subscribers based on their demographic characteristics. This will let you know the person that you are talking to in your videos.

Step 5: Track Existing Engagements in Your Videos

It’s impressive how the VidIQ plugin and extension allows you to track engagements in the entire day. It then creates a report after a few days has passed. This gives you a summary of views and engagements your video gets.

VidIQ Pricing


Basic Plan (Free)

This just gives you a small taste, but is suitable for new Youtube channel owners. It’s basic, but it will do the job if you are very new to creating Youtube videos.

Pro ($7.50/mo – Recommended)

This allows you to do almost everything, if you are just focusing on keyword researching an want the whole kit for just one Youtube channel, the Pro version fits best. It has a whole lot more functionality and use compared to the Free version.

Boost and Enterprise ($39/mo+)

If you a Youtube channel manager or have multiple channels at your disposal, this is your level. By now you would be extremely experienced in Youtube functionality but you need that extra something to have that competitive edge.





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